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Kindai Ryu Jiu-jitsu

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I was wondering y'alls opinion on Kindai Ryu Jiu-jitsu? It's the only style Jiu-jitsu I can find in my area. I've looked for Gracie, but the closest is over 40min. away. If that isn't a good discipline, what are some others I should consider looking at? Thanks!
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what is the best -this is a question that can be never answered be it guns or hand to hand or bat-fu.
ask yourself this how much time are you willing to invest to learn?
someone posted today's MA is al about sport -not true this person fails with this answer.
ask the person running or teaching the school tell them why you are going explain HEY I don't want to learn competition stuff I need real world lessons that I can practice and apply so I can defend myself and kill if need be with my bare hands - if they say sorry don't teach that -tell them thank you and walk out that will.
any style or form o ma will teach you how to fight and win it is up to you how you apply it.
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Vladimir Vasiliev- i was hoping to never hear that name again that man is one tuff mf'er.
any form of fighting that teaches practical not tactical applications is a good thing I suppose.
krav maga-is one of such arts that is all meat no fat. it is also a hit first ask why later.
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