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Just when you thought.....

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Just when you thought H7N9 was a bunch of hooey, there is a rumor of a case in Hong Kong. It's unconfirmed at this point.

Also, reported in Chinese news, that H7N9 can mix with 'swine flu' which I take to mean H1N1. Obviously all avian influenza 'can' mix, so I am wondering why the announcement. I am just hoping we don't have another lab creation ala H5N1-H1N1.

Also reported is that H7N9 spreads thru the air. I assume this is related to the recent study where ferrets contracted the disease via close contact and also via the air. They did contract the disease, but, it was not fatal. It was mild. That often happens when a disease begins to transmit more easily, it sacrifices pathogenicity.

Also, a Chinese public health official was stabbed to death today, the man is in custody. There were several meetings today on reimbursement of poultry farmers and the other industries related to poultry. Apparently badminton birds there are made of feathers and the culling of poultry has caused a shortage. Apparently tempers are very short.

On nCoV, it is still spreading in Saudi Arabia. We can't get any real data. There are reports, unvetted and unconfirmed, that hospital staff are not showing up for work.

I generally don't report what I pick up as rumors, but both of these reports make me wonder how much truthful data we are getting.
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Thanks for all the updates.
My understanding is that anything out of China will have a "nothing here to worry about, please move along" type of spin

Super bugs are coming, it is a matter of time IMO. The only defense is distance from the source and a healthy immune system. You can work on 1 or the other but do something.
The case in Hong Kong is an 11 year old child, with a type of Influenza A. We don't know which specific type of Influenza A. It could be a bad case of H1N1 or it could be H7N9 or H5N1. We have to wait for the data. She was previously in good health. She is now in septic shock, which means she is extremely ill.

Yep, a germ is coming. I don't know if we can call it a super germ. It's just conditions are right for rapid spread of any germ that can develop human to human transmission. With this many people and such rapid travel across the globe, it's just a matter of time. Once the news is out, then people will decide to hoard, and you won't get what you need.

I just post the updates, and people can do what they want with the info. I suspect I will be posting info on the avian influenzas or nCoV for a while. Every one can interpret the data as they wish. nCoV is more pressing because of the influx of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan and the Hajj, which are upcoming. It's possible that people will visit there, contract the disease, spread it thru airports and then ultimately bring it home, where ever that may be. The only nation that has advised its citizens against travel there is Russia. They are not banning travel, but have advised people only travel to the Arabian Peninsula, when 'essential'.

I suspect in China, they must have done an enormous amount of culling of birds. I suspect this has caused severe economic hardship. I suspect they will be pushing going to CAFOs which really won't help matters much, although the wet markets need to be closed. I favor small butcher shops so the people can maintain small flocks and still sell their poultry small scale. I expect the outrage is from millions of subsistence level farmer and small farmers left without income now.
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