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Just starting the prep!!!

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Hey guys, I'm just starting the whole prepping thing, I have plans for what I want to do, but I'm not 100% sure as to what I absolutely need. I know food and water are a really big need, and fire for warmth. As for shelter and stuff, is there a certain cover that you need? And does anyone know where I can get a BOB from? I'm looking for one, maybe two...
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My 2 cents...

Your shelter is dependent on time of year, climate, duration of stay, size requirements, etc. No one shelter works for every occasion.

You can buy a BOB... but you would do better to spend some time in research and figure out what you need... and build a BOB that is personalized to you. Basically... why carry what someone else says is important. Pick your stuff yourself... and learn how to use it.
First off Welcome..... Then as a new prepper there is so much information to read.. I find to start out getting things at your own pace without going into debt to get it. You will learn eat what you stock and stock what you eat. Rotate rotate rotate..... There is no sense stocking wheat if you are gluten intolerance. As far as a BOB you can purchase them but they are very basic... Get a good backpack and build your own with things you need. I wish you luck and don't be afraid to ask questions there are many people willing to help.
Welcome from Florida
Welcome, I am in the same boat as far a starting, lucky I was in boy scouts for years, and lived down south as a ******* for most of my life. So I have all the know how its just putting to use. Also having the income for things that can't be made...
JMH... a ******* in the Windy City? Interesting?
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Yea I know what a waste, it's my wife's fault.
Me too... I promised my wife that after dragging her around with the military for 20+ years, she could pick our retirement city as long as I could find work. Well... here I am. But... we both want to move to boonies... we just have to be able to afford to stay there.... and that's the catch.
Same here, that seems to be the main issue. Money.
Come to West Virginia, I live in the boonies and make it ok :)
Would you mind describing that?
I would love to head that direction. My family is originally from VA... and my wife liked our stint at Langley... but she's sort of gotten used to no humidity and I'm not sure I can convince her to move there just yet. But... we are starting to get overrun by Californians who hated the taxes and restrictions back home... showed up here and complained about the lack of services... and started pushing for more taxes and regulations. Unfortunately, Colorado says they are out of season for the time being so I can't shoot them. But... my wife is really starting to dislike the way Colorado is turning out... so we might end up that way in a few years.
That part about being out of season just put me on the floor.... So funny
See... prepping can be humorous and not all work.
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