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Boeing - cutting 30% of executives at its Defense Space and
Security unit by the end of 2012.

U.S. Cellular - cutting 980 jobs

Bristol-Myers Squibb - 480 layoffs

Caterpillar Inc. - closing its plant in Owatonna, Minn.

November 9 , 2012
Mills Manufacturing NC - 68

TECO Coal Corporation - 90

Energizer Holdings Inc - 1,500

Update: Exide Technologies in Laureldale - 150

Southeastern Container - 15

UtahAmerican Energy Inc - 102

SCA plant in Barton - Plans Staff Reductions

Plexus Corp - Contract Loss Could = Layoffs

Yakima Regional Medical Center Washington - 10+

Crouse Hospital Syracuse NY - 70 Jobs

November 8 , 2012
Eagle-Tribune in North Andover - 21

Ameridose LLC - up to 650 Layoffs

EMD Millipore St. Charles - Some Layoffs

Groupon - 80

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne - 100

Slidell La. - Warns of Possible Layoffs

Westinghouse Anniston - 50

Research in Motion Ltd. HQ - 200

Lightyear Network Solutions - 12+

The Providence Journal Co. - 23

Hawker Beechcraft - 240 Layoffs + Facility Closings

November 7 , 2012
CVPH Medical Center - 17 Pink Slips

Commerzbank ( German ) - up to 6,000 Layoffs Poss.

Spanish airline Iberia - up to 7,000 Possible

Momentive Performance Materials - 150 Temp, Layoffs

Brake Parts LLC - 75

Gameforge Berlin - 20

Husqvarna AB - 600

ING - 2,350

Ericsson ( Sweden) - 1,550

SRA International Inc - 222 in Arlington Va.

PerkinElmer - 66 Layoffs During 3rd Quarter

Majestic Star Casino and Hotel - About 80

Center for Hospice / Palliative Care NY - 40 Temp. Layoffs

How Many Companies Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term? |
Daily Job Cuts - Layoff News , Job Layoffs 2012 / 2011 , Bankruptcy, Store closings, Business Economy News

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Obamacare and Obama Czars excessive regulations will drive many more to downsize or close. The barbershop in our small town is a one woman operation and she told me that last year she made almost no profit because of all the new regulations.

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My only saving grace is that I am a slimy gov't contractor and our contract is already paid up for 2013. So... they would have fill my slot no matter what.

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Here's a novel idea... Why not have everyone pull his or her own weight? If you receive a welfare check, then perform some type of value added service for the community in return. As it is there is no incentive to get off the gov't free lunch line. And too many politians are dependant on their office to provide themselves with a great life without ever breaking a sweat. Ever wonder why a STATE senator spends so much time in Washington? Because thats where all the money is? What do they care if taxes are raised as they have never really worked for a living anyways. They have never had to build a business up from nothing much less make payroll for employees.
Taxing the wealthy to redistribute to the poor is gonna have immediate negative results. Do you really think any CEO is gonna absorb the hit and smile. Prices will immediately go up and the business plan will resume, sure it will be a little rough at first but life will go on. Then accountants will identify loopholes and such. Meanwhile the goverment will grow because money is power. And so many think trickle down economics doesn't work. watch it work now...
Getting back to this thread: The liberal media convieniently ignored these layoffs and plant closings because they were too busy reporting how low the jobless rate is and how great the economy is doing. How request(s) for increased miltary assistance went ignored for our diplomats in Libya would reflect barack's failings as a leader. And now the looming fiscal cliff. Don't get me started on voter fraud and illegal aliens working on the obama campaign. Heck, we won't enforce the laws on the books in this country, Yet taxes will be raised to support those who don't pay any taxes at all. Personally I didn't care for Romney, but I look at what is good for my country. You can't ignore his business sense. That man knows how to make money.

My apologies ranting once again...

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