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Just for fun.....What kind of gifts do Preppers want for Christmas?

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My first wish was for a truly conservative President that would uphold The Constitution of The United States of America........Not holding my breath on this one! But seriously our family decided to give only gifts that would be useful for prepping. I asked for ammo reloading supplies and durable winter clothing. Both my sons (young adults) asked for tools and knives and my wife wanted everything she needed to do laundry in the event that there was not any electricity. Oddly enough that was one thing that I had really never thought about. So I got her an old fashioned hand crank laundry wringer, galvanized wash tubs, washboard, and a hand agitator. I puts some links below to these items on

So what kind of gifts are you Preppers out there asking for, and planning on giving??
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Well, the only thing I asked for was a start-up reloading set, but I guess I should have asked for a President that isn't anti-American.

As for gifts, this year they include MultiCam, ammo, a Streamlight TRL-1, a Don Hume holster, and a pistol safe. I kinda stick to one area for my gifts.
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