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james with I Am Liberty

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I am the host of a twice weekly podcast called I am liberty on and The Prepper Broadcasting Network

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't here to recruit new listeners but I am also a young man who is always learning and sharing knowledge. Happy to be a part of the forum.
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Hello from Minnesota.

Thanks for your honesty. I did go out and download the podcast for your show last Friday. I have about a 2 hour flight tomorrow, so I will listen to it then. I do hope you are like our friend Nathan Hale Jefferson who came here a while back promoting his book (which is a fun story by the way), but decided to stick around and be part of our banter back and forth.
Hello there! Welcome aboard!
Welcome from Florida.

I'm an old geezer - what's a podcast? Do you need an I Pod or Smart Phone or something like that?
Heck, we don't even have a TV anymore, just a couple out of date lap tops.
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This has to be the nicest group of folks I ever encountered in a foru
Yep this foru is pretty darn good. Everyone seems to have a good sense of humor and most are pretty intelligent (until they disagree with me) and I have learned quite a bit since starting to visit here. Welcome. Oh and thanks for the podcast info - I can see Inor isn't going to do sh#t around here whenever a new podcast is available.
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Mrs. Retired Guard has the same opinion if I disagree with her. Back to this thread welcome to the forum. Lots of good info well presented in an entertaining format.
Hey, welcome aboard, from the great state of confusion, ILL annoyed
Well, it's always nice to meet another podcaster. :)
Welcome from South Central Minnestoa. As soon as I figure out what a podcast is, I'll give you a listen/look/read.
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