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My main reason for joining this forum is the threat of our power grids going out next spring with the solar flare issue. I've assembled a good weapons and ammo supply locked in safes.
My biggest concern to begin with is what type of backup power supply to go for. I live in a residential community with a backyard, a small shed, and if I buy a small gasoline generator,
very fuel efficient , maybe 2000 watts, storing enough fuel to run it is daunting. There are fuel stabilizers to consider , and my first thought would be a solar panel array with a down converter
with several storage batteries. I only plan to use electricity to charge my good collection of lithium ion, nimh, and D batteris for lanterns. I'm not planning on running household items like a
refrigerator because there will be no food to put in it. I'm torn between trying to amass enough fuel to sparingly use an efficient generator and to charge my mobility scooter, I'm retired and have
a walking disability. I'm thinking of:
1.- a honda EU2000i generator
2.- a small solar power system with several deep cycle batteries with an inverter.

I live on the coast, minimal sun but if this solar emp (solar flares) happen, it could take out pretty much the whole power grid and
everything not protected by a faraday cage. I've been reading and researching for the last 4 years and all the top astrophysicists are
on board with the possibility of this horrific event happening and congress and senate are doing nothing. At present, the only thing I have
are a good wife, weapons ammo to protect my home. I've been researching 5 gallon water box containers, 5 gallon gas containers and
a bit about solar panels. I am having great difficulty getting the solar part down because the mass of morons out there believe there solar
panel on grid systems will protect them, and of course, once the grid goes down, the only thing that will provide electricity is an off grid system.
I am not going to give somebody $20,000 to install a few250 watt panels and cheap associated electronics wholesaling for $1000 plus maybe $800
for 4 deep cycle batteries, I've been trying to put something together and can't make up my mind on fuel vs solar, fuel is only a short lived solution,
like for a long week end or two week ordeal when in fact, it might take years to get things back.
I read some statistics where people were speculating that if the grid goes down there might be a 90% casualty rate, not sure what the time frame will be,
but I want to survive the initial back to animal in 72 hours horror. There will be gangs of thugs trying to take whatever you've got, I'm not spry anymore but
I was a world class arm wrestler once upon a time and I will not go meekly. I have tow revolver holsters with on belt cartridge storage, two 50 shot bandeliers to
criss cross my upper torso and between my .357 magnum and .44 magnum revolvers as backup, my 3 8 round shotguns are a good start. I will be commencing to
try to create some kind of battery charging system after new years with water and lots of canned food to follow. If people can survive the first month or two, things
should thin out a bit.
I am just on the southern boundry with San Francisco and it's pretty dense population. My immediate area are single family homes and in the end I have a couple
of greyhounds which are the ultimate original desert hunters, if it moves they can run it down reaching 45 mph in 1.5 seconds.
anything you can add to the battery charging issue , fuel storage or solar off grid set up would be wonderful.

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I'm an electrician and I am not getting my head wrapped around this. Are you guys saying my generator, which is sitting in the garage, not connected to anything, and not running, will be fried by a solar flare?
the rv link was good, and I could put a gas generator in a cardboard lined metal garbage can,hence , a faraday cage. I've learned just enough to feel stymied and ignorant. I usually have really good problem solving capabilities and the only good long term solution would be some kind of solar panel off grid system. I came up with weapons and ammo first and thought I was halfway home, when I couldn't even see home. Usually people make basic assumptions like, oh, just get a generator , run it, get back up food and water, and it all comes down to fuel storage????????

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I've decided I am going to convert a small Honda or Yamaha to propane(actually trie fuel ) , clean burning , doesn't degrade, cheaper than gasoline and I plan on buying several 100LB (24 gallon propane tanks) I am going to buy some type of RV type agm battery to store what I charge from the generator. I'm not thinking forever power but maybe a couple of months, longer than that , I will have to forage like everyone else. If the grid goes down, after a couple of weeks there would
be beginning disease and people returning to base animals. I have many lethal firearms and ammunition to top it off, next comes water, probably in sealed 55 gallon drums with a siphon hose like the ones that costco sells and plenty of canned
food. I am not going freeze dried food because it takes too much water to rehydrate. I have a large supply of rechargeable batteries, AA and AAA nimh and 3.7 volt lithium 123 and 18650 lithium batteries, and mostly a wife that has gone to firearm practice with me so she is proficient and like I told her, we have two doors, which one do you want. My wife joked about our two greyhounds could be the family hunters and neighborhood cleansing tool.
btw, specs on the small chargers give them an hour of runtime on 1/10 a gallon of gas and 150 gallons of propane would provide over 1100 hours of generator time.
On the west coast 150 gallons of propane would cost around $500 and another $800 for propane tanks.

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after much research, I've decided to buy an 8kw Generac generator running from natural gas which in my area is not connected to the electrical grid. I will not have to buy containers, fuel, or any associated equipment.
I just have to install the unit with the 100 amp transfer switch that comes with it. I have to run a 45 ft length of pipe from my meter to my backyard. The generator sells for $2204 delivered price. I am really excited about
being able to have a whole house standby generator and I can't believe I over looked this solution with all of the difficulties of gasoline and propane storage. The generator is rated at 62db and I know that it is not really quiet
but any input on the practicality of this would be appreciated. Water, and food will be much easier to deal with. Any suggestions about best type of water storage containers would be appreciated. water heater, furnace and stove
are all gas but water may not be provided if electrical pumps are required, and it would be nice if some local utilities used natural gas for generation. The area I live in does not have any propane tanks, and may be illegal to place
in my backyard. A simple gas pipe run to my backyard would be really cool. I did call PG&E (my local energy company) and they said the electric grid and gas generation were not tied together in any way. My wife is very negative
about any of my plans to provide us with options, but she is a woman who has a natural bent ( like many women) to criticize everything. I spent 40 years helping contractors problem solve building and construction issues, with virtually
zero complaints about my solutions , so I'm confident that my methodology in being analytic in problem solving is effective. At any rate, if power goes down and I have power , we'll see then if she changes her tune. First thing I did was
to make sure I have weapons and plenty of ammunition to protect that which we get. 3 shotguns and a collection of .357mag revolvers and at least my wife can shoot.
I could use some help with whether to get 5 gallon or 55 gallon water containers and whether canned food is sufficient. I don't want dried food that all has to be rehydrated.
any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I don't have the luxury or property to be able to install anything underground, and I believe the main problem we might have to face is a the electric grid going down.
Having some power to run main household power would be great. My house has been using 900 plus kwh per month, which is 30 kwh per day, or very little demand per hour

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I am installing my 8kw generac natural gas generator next week, first the gas line to my backyard and then the auto transfer switch to
my downstairs room behind my power panel. From what I understand, gas, being under pressure doesn't need any power to deliver it. I need some kind storage for water and lastly food. I'm thinking possibly 32 gallon plastic garbage cans with a water stabilizer. Anything labeled water storage is really expensive, what a rip. If anyone has an idea what kind of non toxic liner I could use would be appreciated.
Everyone thinks I am crazy, but the possibility of a prolong power outage is scary. Within a week, chaos and anarchy will reign. I might have to bring in a friend in for security purposes. I've got a nice ammunition supply and weapons.
What are people doing for food storage? I probably shouldn't have to wait on food, I'm thinking canned foods because my small garage freezer would just be temporary.
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