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Consider your vehicle. One of the best fuel storage units you can get. My truck holds 35 gallons and I keep it full. That will run the generator for quite a while running it intermittently on a as needed basis. I look at the generator as a temporary thing. Good for a month or three but not for 20 years or a mad max type apocalypse. In those type of cases we will need to get back to the pioneer mode The generator will help getting there. Even solar panels and batteries, how long does anyone expect them to last?
JRCLEAN If you plan it right. You'll be able to have renewable energy for quite some time. With proper charging and discharging of batteries you can expect to have them for over 10 years. I know quite a few families that are using AGM Batteries for more than 10 years. A wise investments would be to add an sufficient amount of solar panels and if applicable use wind turbines as well. Your solar panels operate in the daylight hours and your wind turbines run both in the day and especially at nights. You add low wattage appliances and light bulbs with solar or rechargeable batteries and man you can do a lot of things for a very long time. I'm getting a 7watt portable TV with DVD Player to use for long term usage it will provide some type of TV information/communication and entertainment. I can take that same TV/DVD Player and use it in my vehicle on trips and family outings that gives me benefit even when I'm not in prepper mode. The price of solar panels have come down in long way. I know of a source where you get them for $0.82 a watt for 24V panels and $1.15 a watt for 12V panels. Now that's awesome. Throw a 400-600watt wind turbine or two in the mix and man you're on cruise mode. I live in wind zone 4 and that means there is wind over 10mph for over 300 days out of the year. Tons of free renewable energy. I love it. My Generator is just that a huge battery bank charge if all else fails.
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