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It's case of H7N9

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A new case of Avian Influenza H7N9 has been reported in Hebei, China. A 61 year old female.

I suspect we will see H7N9 lurking around in China for a while before it becomes efficient at human to human transmission. It is highly transmissible in ferrets, which is a good model for humans, so I surmise at some point, it will become more efficient at human to human.

Nothing to panic about, but, H7N9 has not gone away.
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It's just mother nature fidgeting with the keys to a pandemic.
well said - if you read the book World War z about a Zombie pandemic the author has it starting in some remote part of China and spreading across the world.

Of course in the film they had to change that to not offend the potentially huge Chinese movie going market.
Has anyone seen the film Contagion?

For a hollywood flick I think its a pretty fair portrayal of how a virus could travel worldwide
To make matters worse I read this today - its like straight out of the plot of a bad Zombie film - right?

Scientists to make mutant forms of new bird flu to assess risk - See more at: Scientists to make mutant forms of new bird flu to assess risk
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Or West World where nothing can possibly go wrong go wrong go wrong.
what a great film - I really believe Yul Bryner's portrayal as the relentless robot was inspiration for Arnold in the Terminator
Just hot of the presses, a case of H7N9 has been reported in Guangdong China.
link? source? Lisa - thanks
¹ã¶«·¢ÏÖÒ»ÀýÒÉËÆÈ˸ÐȾH7N9ÇÝÁ÷¸Ð²¡Àý-¹ã¶«Ê¡ÎÀÉúÌü Not translated.

There is a group of devoted people who actually watch this stuff and translate it. You can run it thru a translator may get a laugh or two out of it.
I'll try google translate - oh and thanks! :cool:
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