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It's all the fault of the unvaxxed.

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I just read this article, that I hope is a joke. It blames all of the problems that vaxxed people are having with side effects and the vaccine itself on the unvaxxed. They are saying that we didn't warn them enough.

Just this out.
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I didn't read the link, but here is what I have heard about the mutations. The problem is that the people that are not vax'd such in parts of China, are getting variants of Covid that are mutating differently than in those that catch it that have been vaccinated. This in turn is creating uncertainty of the path of which the virus will mutate into. There was talk of Pfizer looking into experimenting with mutations trying to get ahead of the natural mutations happening in the world.

So in short, people who are not vaccinated could indeed theoretically be causing a worse scenario with regard to the covid mutations.

No clue if this is accurate, not my niche.
So essentially what you're saying is: "I didn't read the article but here's why it's wrong..."
The link provided was not an article but an opinion, and that part I did read, I have 'not read' an article that stated the vaccine is ineffective, nor that unvax'd people were better off, as I thought I clearly indicated.

Furthermore, i clearly stated " but here is what I have heard about the mutations" which in no way shape or form indicates that any opinion or any article is 'wrong' which my follow-up comment of "No clue if this is accurate, not my niche." also clearly infers that I do not know one way or another for sure.

Honestly, seems like you just wanted to pick a fight, so try someone else as I don't play childhood games.
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