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It's all the fault of the unvaxxed.

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I just read this article, that I hope is a joke. It blames all of the problems that vaxxed people are having with side effects and the vaccine itself on the unvaxxed. They are saying that we didn't warn them enough.

Just this out.
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1) its called "IQfy" but comments are closed due to snowflakes not being able to emotionally handle plain speech or mockery (Sounds like a buncha dumb ho mo's trying to look "smart")

2) its still sarcasm and it is darkling. But? It doesn't lie? Stupid people have been the bane of my life, overpopulation just made people nasty beyond recognition and in the end, it just comes down to "they did it because they could".

I don't rub it in much but still, it was a taste, class, IQ and atheism test and the Atheists chose poorly? If it was you, they'd demand people locked up and diversity does in every country.
And diversity messed up my visa card and a number of other things because they're innately retarded and only here to be instruments of crime and spread hepatitis and parasites. Create disease wells here.
So really? Id be darting them with it if I could?
It was the old murdered in their bed that scorched me. They paid for all these rats and were owed.
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This is pfizer and anybody that believes them is even dumber than this mistake of nature
Theres no way to escape that the nastiest people who live said "here you need this shot pig" and murdered the old in their beds while what passes for people lined up to hurry and take it.
Epic "evil is good because good is a goose" "teaching moment", sadly.
We know those people are broke toys and disgusting evil.....the rest is history and talked out. Just dragging us all along until its over and what a misery
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Haha! That's funny and i am glad he said it.
I got a link about vax that shows we knew it would worsen clinical disease, give them Vaids and kill them before we even started.
Yes it’s satire. The “about” for the page is that it is designed to stir up the “right”.
Which is effectively saying the intelligent and discerning. Remember, they already said working, manners, reading and the virtues are all white supremacy.

But the OP is right to wonder? The whacked out stuff blamed on people and keeps getting worse. Barbarella (of course...) said there wouldn't be covid except for wyte supemacy (She looking like Barba-yagga now and must need the money)
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