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first off a video from the youtube channel RussiaToday

And for more information an article on Yahoo canada
Yahoo! News Canada - Latest News & Headlines

all also provide a couple paragraphs from the article for those of you who wish not to leave the site

"Israel has carried out an air strike targeting a consignment of missiles in Syria bound for Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon, an Israeli official said on Saturday.

The Jewish state had long made clear it is prepared to use force to prevent advanced weapons reaching Lebanon's powerful Shi'ite Muslim guerrillas from Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah are allied to Iran, Israel's arch-enemy.

With Assad battling a more than two-year-old Syrian insurgency, the Israelis also worry that the Sunni Islamist rebels could loot his arsenals and eventually hit the Jewish state, ending four decades of relative cross-border calm.

Lacking a side to support in its northern neighbor's civil war, and worried about inadvertently fuelling escalation, Israel has exercised restraint. Its government did not formally confirm Friday's air strike, which was disclosed to Reuters by an Israeli official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"There was an air strike. The target was not a chemical weapons facility. It was missiles intended for Hezbollah," the official told Reuters." - Yahoo! News Canada - Latest News & Headlines
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