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We dont store quantities (hunter/gatherers here), with the exception of Salt, so no tips on keeping an inventory - except for one.


And before I go any further, if you go this route, do NOT upload 'em to the cloud!
That's the least of it.

It amazes me that people don't understand how vulnerable their phone/computer systems are.

All devices that are able to connect to the internet, direct or wi-fi, can be accessed.
All information you have on your phone/computer can be accessed.

Do your devices 'auto-update' or 'auto-connect'?
Do you really think that's just a one-way path??

My late husband was NSA.
I know what they could do then; the capabilities now with AI and 5G are exponentially more.

No reason to give up the computing capabilities - just have one PC totally offline
for record keeping, spreadsheets, inventories (especially for ammo);
disable it's ability to 'auto-connect', tape over the camera, disable the built in microphone.

Not doing this... :vs_frown:
Oh people you have no idea how easy it will be, when things really do go sideways, for those 'in power' to know exactly where to go, to find what they're looking for.

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I think this is the right sub section to post this.

I have a question about inventory. I haven't been very good about it over the last couple of years, relying more on remembering in my head what preps I have bought and what I need to work on. After the first of the year I made myself go through everything I have and write it all down, count it etc.

Left me with two thoughts- Number 1, I still have a ways to go. Doing the inventory really called out holes that I didn't realize I had in my preps.

Number 2, there has to be a better way to keep track of things then writing them down in a notebook which is my current tactic.

I guess I am looking for ideas on inventory control or tools used to keep track of inventory. How you guys keep track of everything? Do you write it down in a book? Use a spreadsheet? I really want to stay on top of things better than I have in the past.
Lilly, your keeping records in a note book may be one of the best ideas around.
Sure it can be easier to get on the lap top or the smart phone, but what if you lose power - for whatever reason- and you can't access your lists.

And your lists ought to also include important documents for all of your close ones
And the names and addresses and phone numbers of your close associates and families
Old style hard copy phone books are a good oprion for services available in your local area

Lastly you may want to get a book state wide map so that should you have to navigate without the GPS you are able to do so..

Roads and such are pretty survivable regardless of what the calamity might be

Good luck
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After searching for "inventory", I commented on one of the posts. I suppose that moved it to the NEW area
Yea, and someone else commented thinking it was a continuation of a 'current thread', thus my comment. I have fallen prey to this many a time, and others.\

A few times it was intentional, reopening a thread vs starting a new, due to several prior posters being online in recent weeks, so it was not going to deaf ears, (even if the OP wasn't around.)
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