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For some reason I can't post replies. I did email the webmaster, but he must be sleeping in some comfy moss under a tree.;-)

So in lieu of replying, I am using a new thread.

Hello to all!

coyy2k1, I would love to learn to use a bow. I see you are skilled at that. I am not up for all the heavy stuff like woodworking etc, but, those are enormously important skills.

Srpumpkin, LOL, I am not the ultimate prepper ;-). I have just lived in the country most of my adult life, so many of these skills were learned from people around me, and also from Carla Emery's book. :smile: We do a reskilling fair around here and I always get invited to teach soapmaking, lol....maybe they are just being nice to me. ;-)

And to all others who welcomed me, thank you. Nice to meet you!

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Welcome from Florida, if I have not already done so.
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