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Inexpensive door window alarms

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Are they worth it?

I may look into getting a few of the small inexpensive battery powered window and door alarms. They take up little room and can be installed throughout the house in about an hour. They come in two basic types the ones that make a contact and an alarm sounds and the other that sounds the alarm when the contact is broken.

If the situation does start to get a bit sketchy, and there is a rise in criminal activity and lawlessness, it might be nice to have that little extra bit of AA battery powered security.
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Yes, definately worth the investment..
I even have the dollartree window alarm units on my fridgerator, my seven year old son sneaks food....
For 1$, they are cheap, but better than nothing..I have also modified one to accecpt a tripwire for an audible alarm...just by melting a slot over the battery cover, installing and turning unit on, then apply small strip of plastic between two of the batteries, when th ewire is pulled, it makes the battery connection complete, and squells until turned off or reset.
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