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Inexpensive door window alarms

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Are they worth it?

I may look into getting a few of the small inexpensive battery powered window and door alarms. They take up little room and can be installed throughout the house in about an hour. They come in two basic types the ones that make a contact and an alarm sounds and the other that sounds the alarm when the contact is broken.

If the situation does start to get a bit sketchy, and there is a rise in criminal activity and lawlessness, it might be nice to have that little extra bit of AA battery powered security.
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Every little bit helps. Just have to remember to go around and turn them all on/off. A perimeter alarm is a good idea too for places like a side or back yard. Uses a pull pin/tripwire. I reinforced the door frame on my back door. The door is steel, but I ran 4" Wood screws through the door jamb plate to pull the two studs together a little better, then ran a steel strip down the jamb and used 4" wood screws with double washers (small/large) to secure it. It will take some work to get through the door, but you'll make lot's of noise doing it and give me plenty of time to get the shotgun.
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