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In General, are you prepared?

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I saw and heard something Saturday night that just makes me wanna ask, Are you ready?
I saw and heard tires schreeching and a motor rev, then happened to see a dodge dakota in the fast lane, wipe out two cars directly beside it, before flipping and ending up on its side, in a parking lot. Very quickly someone was climbing out the sunroof, and as we turned around to go try and help, realized there was more than enough help, two water department trucks had already started diverting traffic, and all involved were walking around.
I think the dodge was racing someone, becouse as soon as it rolled, a bunch of young teenagers seemed to appear out of many vehicles, and go to the scene. I hope everyone was ok. We drove away as the police were checking the driver of the dakota.
What, pray tell does this have to do with prepping, and why did it effect me so deeply?
Becouse, Im pretty sure the two innocent vehicles that got smashed up and possibly injured were just like me, headed home with the family after a nice dinner.
If you died today, right now, is your "stuff in order"?
Does your signifigant other know your wishes?
Will your children be taken care of?
Is your car insured?
Is your life insured?
Most importantly, is your soul insured?
Me and the soon to be wife, yes, soon to be..had a long talk that night, which we have needed to have, about what to do in such and such, about life support, value of "self dependance", retirement homes, all kinds of things.
Two things we didn't have to cover, FAITH in the fact that we have done what we can to get to heaven, and our Love for each other.
Hug them, make damn sure that the people you love KNOW that you love them.
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After a wake up call 6 years ago we have got everything on your list in order and reviewed every year.
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