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In Case I Don't Make It Back....

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from the Black Friday crowd at Cabella's, it's been real. The 2 day ammo prices are just too good to pass up.

Buckshot's on sale too.

Cover me boys, I'm goin' in.
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Well, not as crazy as I figured it would be judging by the parking lot when I got there. I have no doubt it was not worth it in the wee hours of the morning even with the sweet give-a-ways they had going on but I saved about $80 off of the usual retail on the list below.

40 rounds of match .308
40 rounds of plain .308
40 rounds of .270
40 rounds of .303
100 rounds 5.56
25 rounds 00 buck
25 rounds 4 buck
2 large plastic Cabella's ammo cans

Thankfully, I am mostly in maintenance mode on ammo except for .308 but it will be a month or so before the Rem 700 is out of layway. With the exception of .22lr there a nice selection of just about everything. I didn't get to the ammo aisles until about 11:40 am and I think they opened at 5:00 AM.

It sure does look like the new normal is going to be at least 15% higher than pre panic prices though.

Tomorrow it's Bass Pro Shop to get the GrandMunchkin's Santa picture, and what ever else I wander across whilst we're there.
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Pick me up an AR while you're there, that would make a great Christmas gift for me!
I did! But then I set it back in the rack.

The offer is still open. If you ever need a place to stash your guns, I'm here to help. :D
I'll keep that in mind should I ever get that Class III every household needs for varmit control and need to stash it! The problem with where you live and where I live is all the damn sheeple between us.

Damn, you lived. I was really looking forward to some new guns. Not that I don't like ya or wish you harm, but it's guns we're talking about. :(
I totally understand, but there's the matter of a 6' 3" 220 lb strapping young lad who knows he's next on the ownership tree. Oh, and the dogs..... The son is the most relieved person on the planet I wish to be cremated, cuz he figured I'd take'em with me, lol.
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Technically, you could have a clause put in the will that they be melted down and made into your urn. Just saying. It would be a sin in part and might hamper your good standing in the afterlife, but their your guns still. He can get his own.

Genius. Not something I could ever have done, but I can use the threat for leverage, lol.
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