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Ignorant Property Associations

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At the bequest of my wife we took a drive last weekend. We stopped at a "golf and country club" in the Sierra Mountains - I'd say foothills but its really beyond them and in to the mountain range. It really is a beautiful property. They have suffered like any other and lots are available there for $495 now. They are about a half acre and were marked as we drove through the subdivision. This is a big subdivision / community. There are nearly 3000 homes already built and probably 500 or so empty lots left most of which are held by someone. They have a lot of nice amenities including an air strip / hangers, golf course (if you dig - I did in the past - not lately), SHOOTING RANGE (yeah baby), and all of the other typical stuff (tennis, pools, trails etc etc) and its on a lake too. As things go - this isn't bad. Its only 75 minutes from my primary residence AND its actually "on the way" to my BOL. Things were looking positive. So I started to do a tad bit of homework this week only to learn:

1) I can't build myself unless I"m a licensed contractor - thems' the rules.
2) No solar, no how, no way, even if I "hide" it - have to pay "the man" his PG&E rates to the extreme.
3) No generators if they can be heard by anyone - someone hears is - you lose it? Is that possible?
4) Must build 1200 minimum square feet and oh building permits start at about $15k - now you see why the lot is $495
5) And them dues - $158 a month for life - never goes away - doesn't even include property taxes.

Sorry honey, I'll build you a driving range pad on the BOL.
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I want to lead a rebel assault on my home owners association! Any organization that you have to join and can't vote them out is communist!

Apparently for some I need to put a disclaimer on this: This is a joke and like most jokes it does not convey reality nor actual events :)
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First you are not required to join an association. Homeowner associations are legally binding contracts you consent to joining if you buy particular pieces of property.

I never saw one that the property owners did not elect the board. Many require renewal; automatic renewal or rewriting every 20 years or so. With changes requiring a two thirds vote.

Your calling them communist demonstrates an ignorance of both homer owner associations and communism.
Your obviously one of those! It was a joke and next time I will try and make it more clear for you because your a little slow ;)
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Ah but you can do better than vote them out - don't buy in.
Yes but in many places there are no other choices. For example I live in a remote area and the housing was built by the mining companies that established the home owners associations. I'm not a miner and the housing is for sale for us federal employees that work here. The home owners association costs $75 a month for a really nothing more than a little prick that rides around in a golf cart looking for violations. When I moved in I repainted the numbers on the front of my house, just the numbers and received a cease and desist construction letter. I got home once with a short in a headlight on my previous car and was checking it out to see if it was something simple that I could repair. I received a cease and desist letter on auto repairs in my driveway. You get the idea.
Oh! I get it. You want me to read what you mean not what you write.
Like I said...a little slow
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You are right I am not as smart as you two think you are_nobody is that smart.
Not that at all but if you belittle someone, expect a response. Homeowners associations are a necessary evil and I have been part of many. The problem arises when the system is abused for the benefit of a few. I could for the boredom of all point out countless stories of this fact.
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