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First a pad and some pencils.

Before you start making any purchases, you should do a self and area assessment (what can you expect - some one in Arizona isn't going to be prepping for a huricane; and someone in a rural area probably won't be prepping for a weapon of mass destruction).

List what you and your family members can do, and what special needs you have. Then take a look at the area you live in and do a threat assessment, what can you expect to see happen to you. Once you've done that then start making small inexpensive steps towards prepping. Example - if your family drinks soda, save the plastic bottles to start storing water from you tap or well in.

And small steps can be as simple as setting aside $10.00 each week - and buy things that a) won't go bad quickly b) you family likes c) and won't look to your spouse like your totally off your rocker.

A large box of tea bags and a box of generic sweet and low doesn't look too fancy, but after the world goes dark a bottle of diet tea will break up the monotony of drinking plain water
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1 - 1 of 38 Posts