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If you had 1500.00 to spend on preps, how would you spend it?

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As the title says, how would you spend 1500.00 on preps? Since inflation is eating it up, would you buy gold or silver? Water filters? Freeze dried food? Ammo?
Let's hear how you would spend it and why. Get creative!
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$1,500 to throw at anything I might need...
1. Water containers and multiple purification options.
2. Non-perishable food items.
3. Hygiene/sanitation and comfort products.
4. Fuel for heat and cooking.

Even in this economy, a frugal person can take care of the first three well within a $1,500 limit and be set for a few months.
The last would be a luxury unless you're in a region where fuel is necessary for surviving harsh cold.
This is the order I'd recommend for anyone just getting started.

For anyone well established, looking to fill holes...
1. Ammunition for the gun you already have. (you do have one, right?)
2. Medical equipment ranging from boo-boo kits to trauma packs, and extra medicines.
3. Barter items such as cigarettes, alcohol, and sanitation and hygiene products.
4. Assuming all of the above is covered and you can't think of anything else... precious metals you can bury safely and dig up later when things settle down.
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I need a weapon. I have a pepperball gun but I need something lethal. I'm thinking AR15. Why? I here there easy to handle and reliable. I shot when I was a kid. I'm now 52, so I have no experience. Have shot a couple times as an adult but don't count those times. Any suggestions on a good gun? Sorry, If I shouldn't ask that on your thread. I'm new here and still learning what's proper, I mean no disrespect.
I'd buy a gun and Ammo.
For $1500, you can get a decent AR.
You can go budget build and get one for under $1K, but with your relative newbie status on the subject, I'd err on the side of caution and get one you know for a fact is reliable, like one from Daniel Defense, Spikes Tactical, or CMMG.
These manufacturers build rock solid guns and normally have good warranties.
I'm sure there are others out there, but you will want to ensure you go with a reputable industry leader. Don't cheap out. Trust me. There are a LOT of bad builders out there taking advantage of people due to the rush on AR patterned rifles.

Along with the gun, you'll want an optic. Yes, you can shoot iron sights, but a quality optic increases shooter effectiveness significantly.
Expect to pay 50-100% of the price of the gun for a well-built optic. No, I'm not kidding. You'll spend just as much or more replacing low-cost alternatives in the long run than just going with a dependable one first.
You get what you pay for here. If you go with a Chinesium red dot, it WILL break quickly and won't hold zero at all.
Buy once, cry once.

If you put anything made by NcStar on your gun, it will break, and I will laugh at you. ;)
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