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If you had 1500.00 to spend on preps, how would you spend it?

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As the title says, how would you spend 1500.00 on preps? Since inflation is eating it up, would you buy gold or silver? Water filters? Freeze dried food? Ammo?
Let's hear how you would spend it and why. Get creative!
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  • I have sufficient firearms, and what I consider appropriate enough ammunition/spare parts for them.
  • I have one of those sit-upon garden tractors and a brand-new (!!!) rear-tine tiller.
  • I'd love to expand my PV system so it'd do more than just squirting volts and amperes to my collection of rechargeable batteries, but that'd be more than 1500 USD.
  • I did install a piggy-back hand-pump (about 1 gal/min) to my well so we can have enough water to drink, clean, and cook if and when Idaho Power goes away.
  • Unsurprisingly, living in a heavily LDS area, I was fortunate enough to have several friends-'n'-neighbors families help us with designing our Year's Supply; we still have about three more months to go.
  • I have two 12' X 4' raised beds and about 1200 square feet, half of which is already partially tilled.
I guess all I need (not "want") would be about 1500 USD worth of double-wall polycarbonate panels for a small greenhouse.

Prep on, brothers and sisters!
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