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If you had 1500.00 to spend on preps, how would you spend it?

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As the title says, how would you spend 1500.00 on preps? Since inflation is eating it up, would you buy gold or silver? Water filters? Freeze dried food? Ammo?
Let's hear how you would spend it and why. Get creative!
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I would buy ivermectin, HCQ (if I could get it) NAC, black turmeric, zinc, vitamin c, chlorine dioxide and distilled water to mix it in, zeolite, any natural aspirin I could find, melatonin, fenbendazole, cimetidine, (if I could get it) cbd oil and white pine needles to have on hand for those who may soon regret having the jab.
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Thank-you, MGNick, very much. Any ideas about getting cimetidine without a prescription?
When I was given the aforementioned list, I was told that our revered FDA (lol) had banned HCQ and that Cimetidine was only available for animals and needed a prescription. So, thank-you, MGNick, once again, not only for the information but for the lesson, i.e., keep researching!
1 - 3 of 38 Posts