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If you had 1500.00 to spend on preps, how would you spend it?

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As the title says, how would you spend 1500.00 on preps? Since inflation is eating it up, would you buy gold or silver? Water filters? Freeze dried food? Ammo?
Let's hear how you would spend it and why. Get creative!
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It was what would you do with $1,500?? Not saying "too complicated" followed by a boring over complicated post showing how professor apocalypse one can be or "with a budget for a kung fu monastery"?
But to the topic:
Drug supplies, plants and seeds. Everybody in our group will stock what is in their realm of experience which is primarily various foods and the first aid stuff they can think of. Everybody expects us to focus on the pharmacy capacity that is trickier. $1,500 is a drop in the bucket, but a good one for a small bulk buy of about anything?

If drugs were full (never will be) I'd look for an anvil if I could get a good one for that? Or some other significant piece of manufacturing.
Meat, seeds and apothecary supplies. Most on meat, cured or stored for long term or running around still, for even longer shelf life
1 - 2 of 38 Posts