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Would you reenlist?

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Wrong. Russia annexed it. Try researching actual facts instead of what Russia repeats endlessly. You shill for them too?

Just because you’re a Vet, doesn’t make you knowledgeable on military and global affairs. It’s utterly amazing how prepper and right wing groups support Putin. You’ve obviously drunk the kool-aid.
And you wonder why people look at you as a possible threat.

Inceptor is right. You are grossly misinformed. Quit getting your news (propaganda) from CNN, Communist News Network. The Obuma administration placed this washed up comedian, Zelinsky in office, circa 2014. That's right. A comedian from a defunct television program. Victoria Nuland was the person that spearheaded his appointment for Obuma. Ukraine was set up as a giant money laundering operation for host of crooked politicians and their siblings. Guess who! No not the GOP. And, let's not forget about all of the bio warfare labs that were put in Ukraine by the US, so Fauci could play God. Why do you think Zelinsky's net worth is $596 million dollars with a cash reserve of $75 million? Just good luck? All of what you see going on has a purpose. The main objective being a cover for everything economically going wrong in our economy and to feed the war monger's as well as the war machine. This entire economic disaster is Biden's (really Obuma) fault. When you shut down major energy pipelines in the US, guess what happens. When you steal a major gas / oil supplier's money, guess what happens. Guess what happens to the wheat supply. Guess what happens to the supply of fertilizer supply. It has a domino effect and we are just now starting to see the beginning of that. "Let's blame it on Putin. He created these shortages." Wrong again. Biden owns this. In fact, looking back, I can't think of one thing a Russian has ever done to me. I can't say that about the prostitutes that are running this country into the ground. Come about Nov / Dec 2022, you are really going to start feeling some pain. That is, if we make it that far. I don't think we will. I think the real objective is to cancel out the mid term elections with Martial Law by starting a war with Russia. The polling on DemoRat's is so low, I don't think even they can cheat their way out of this again.

Note that the Biden administration just pushed Lithuania into shutting down the railway system between Kaliningrad and the Russian mainland. Another US provocation and act of stupidity. Putin will not tolerate this and Biden (Obuma) knows that. Expect a response shortly. Just pray that it is not a Nuclear response or a EMP. BTW. They are more than capable of hitting the USA. Russia has us way out gunned. Do a little research and you will find that is a fact. In case you haven't noticed lately, there is a real push from the left (Obuma) to destroy this country. That is well underway. To further that agenda they need a catalyst. This administration is trying to provoke Putin for just that reason. Hopefully, he is patient enough not to take the bait.

And just in case you are not up on current affairs, the US has not won a war in 75+ years. Russia will hand our asses back to us in a basket. Napoleon couldn't beat them, the German Nazi's couldn't beat them and we damn sure can't. We have people appointed to positions of military power just because they are gay, transvestites, or politically correct. Female pilots who were put into combat aircraft that crash on carrier decks because they are unqualified, officers walking around in pump high heels with pink hair, transvestites in charge of a major branch of our armed services just because they are transvestites. They were put there intentionally, not because they were qualified. Then again, maybe we can enact conscription and pull on our vast resources of youth that can't even find their way out of Grandma's basement to serve. This is all intentional and will not end well for the USA. Best hope is that the Dem's are swept out of office and we pursue PEACE! If not, this country is finished.
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