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I was kicking back having a cold one with this Old timer prepper (78 yrs old) . . . Anyways he likes to dream still which is awesome and he asked me if I could have anything without worry of cost what would I get? This got me thinking in a fun day dream kind of way, So I thought Id ask you guys and see what your top 10 dream list would be?

SO If you could have ANYTHING? What would your TOP 10 Prepping Items be that you would want to buy?


#1 - Land: 1000 acres of Colorado mountains, 250 acres in Montana, 250 acres in Say south america rainforest & an island somewhere warm
#2 - GUNS GUNS GUNS - Barrett .50 CAL Twin turret mounted AA12's with go pro cameras and remote operation (Just to list a few I could fill this page with guns I want!)
#3 - AH-1 Cobra Helicopter
#4 - a Tank
#5 - A missile silo converted to bunker like the other post only in the mountains

Thats just a quick top 5 I have others but think I will ponder some. . .

Looking forward to hearing yours!

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Hey this question could be fun. If I were not to have a limit on money then this would be the list that I could think of.

1 500 acres of land. This land must be wooded with mature pine, oak and maple. This land must also have flat land for agriculture and it must have a lake on it with several areas for tapping in a well.
2 House, Barn, Coupes, and storage facilities built... If that counts as more than one then just the items so I can built it all myself.
3 This one may seem outta line but each list is entitled to have at least one bizarre item.... The Marauder, it is a civilian purchasable RG-31 military grade vehicle used by me currently in afghanistan for route clearance patrol. They strapped 7 pounds of C4 under the body and all it did was crater a hole and pop a tire but the thing turned on and drove off.
4 100,000 gallons of both gasoline and diesel fuel with sta-bil style chemicals to make it last the time it will take to use it all.
5 20 head of cattle and 5 horses 5 pigs three female two males 10 chickens and 4 cocks.
6 fully heated green house and hydroponics facility for veggie and fruit growth at the same time there is a fishery on my land both feeding one another to grow
7 Construction equipment as I was a horizontal engineer before becoming a combat engineer that way I can do all my own work and dig some bunkers for storage or fall back areas.
8 I would like another bolt action and semi auto 50 cal as I only have a single shot as of right now, 5 AR-15 each with 10 mags a piece, 5 AR-10 308 caliber 10 .45 caliber 1911 colts as they have never disappointed me. The reasons for the numbers needs not be known just know it is legit and they will all be used. a couple more mossberg 500's wouldn't hurt the collection I already have. As stated above in the starter post, I could go on and on. OH AMMO for all 2500 rounds per weapon caliber
9 Reloading equipment (50 gallon drum for gun powder, lead, primers, casings) May seem crazy but I reload center fire and shot gun rounds. I use A LOT of powder.... I fire minimal once a week and go through many rounds each time so the numbers here to are legit.
10 A bank account with enough in it to pay for property tax vet supplies and to pay 10 people to live and work the land with me for as long as desired.

With all of that I can manage pretty much everything else... There are ways to make and sustain ones life with all of that above. Maple makes syrup and if gathering enough can bring in income if needed... Bees. They are amazing for pollination and making honey which could be another money maker. Bees if done right could also be a great way for pollinating your greenhouse.

The lake will ensure fish that a hydroponics system would not work well with. The lake could bring in water fowl for hunting as well. The woods would be good for deer and bear and whatever else... Oh I would also barrier the property line with 12foot T walls like in Afghanistan or Hesco Barriers.

There is so much I would do if the money was not an issue, it is almost unfair to have someone think about it as I could make a haven for several hundred people if need be... If you want to know the full extent just mail me or request here and I will continue to post ideas of an endless budget prepper lol.

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A nice little spread like this would do me fine, preferably in a warm lowland area, growing enough food to support a group of about 6 indefinitely.
I'm not an agri/livestock expert so I'd need a couple of people in the group who are.
A hunter would also be needed to go out shooting game for the table.
And a food preparation expert and an engineer would round out the group nicely.

The river would provide all the water and fish we need, and if it was fairly fast-flowing we could dunk a small waterwheel in it to get electric power.
In a serious SHTF world we'd surround the whole place with coils of barbed wire.

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