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The "quotes" are being it was a title as I recall, but I can't find it now so I must be off on the title.

Many years ago on a local radio show (we are talking mid 1990s) a guest was present from the city
in which I lived - Salinas - at the time. The man claimed to be a holocaust era Jewishs survivor who
was never in a camp. His claim was that his father, mother and brother fled Berlin for a "place" in
the woods and camped out the war. He recalled his father crying at times when he came back with
information about the circumstances of other Jewish people and use to say openly "If I only had a
Gun." He thus wrote a book (according to the show) and was finally publishing it. (the son) He
said he'd written the book in the 70's and was just now publishing it - but DARN if I can't find
anything like it. I've tried google to no end, title, Salinas, Jewish survivor, authors, etc. Nothing.

Anyone ever hear of anything remotely like this?

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I typed 'Jewish family woods' into google search and it threw up some promising leads.

"Otto Wolf's diary has been excerpted in Alexandra Zapruder's book "Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust" (2002) and was published in Czech as "Denik Otty Wolfa: 1942-1945" (1997), edited by Ludvik Vaclavek and Jiri Danicek"

"Otto Wolf was fifteen years old when he began keeping his diary in 1942. He started his writing when his family decided to go into hiding to avoid deportation.
Hiding from the Nazis was very difficult. Anyone trying this type of resistance needed support from sympathetic non-Jewish helpers who could provide food, shelter and information.
Even when a place of safety could be found, it often did not last.
Throughout the course of their ordeal, the Wolf family had to change hiding places several times. Each time, the change was prompted by their helpers' fears that they were about to be discovered.
When Jews in hiding were exposed, their helpers were severely punished, often even killed. Sometimes helpers decided that the risk was too great and that the people in hiding had to leave.
By October 1944, the Wolfs were hiding in the attic of the Zboril family. Maria Zborilova had been their maid before the war"

Otto Wolf: October 3, 1944 | This Week In History | Student Center | Education | The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida

Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust - Google Books

Monument honors Czech Jews who hid in woods from Nazis, and villagers who helped | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The Diary of Otto Wolf - Jezdecký areál Tršice, Restaurace, Penzion, Hotel
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