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I plan to show weak security

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I writing from a point that I live on 11 acres in Mississippi and have animals so I have to becareful about setting traps. I do have a lot of security in place, but not out in the open forever one to see. I plan for the outsider to think I am weak and a easy target. I hope this with what I have planned will give me a advanage. With out giving amyone my plan no offense, you may can't because of that reason. Is this a good strategy.
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The only time you should feign weakness is when you're positive you're in a position of power. You have no idea who your enemy is yet. You have to not only know yourself, you have to know your enemy. By manipulating your enemy into action, you may cause him to act. If he is more powerful than you and you poke the bear, you are going to lose. You shouldn't reinforce your lack of superiority.

The best COA when your enemy is unknown is to be invisible. The second best COA when your enemy is unknown is to go with the most likely scenario balanced with the worst case scenario. What you need to do is do a thorough threat vulnerability assessment (TVA) of your property and then come up with your Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency (PACE) COA's based on the assessment findings. In this case, a thorough OPSEC plan is going to have to be a fundamental part of it because you don't have the facility and manpower to take on a group of any decent size.
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