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I plan to show weak security

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I writing from a point that I live on 11 acres in Mississippi and have animals so I have to becareful about setting traps. I do have a lot of security in place, but not out in the open forever one to see. I plan for the outsider to think I am weak and a easy target. I hope this with what I have planned will give me a advanage. With out giving amyone my plan no offense, you may can't because of that reason. Is this a good strategy.
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my policy is.....why invite trouble?......if someone thinks that you are helpless, of course the mob will tend to flock towards a sign of strength...and I dont mean armed guards at the gates....than people will think twice about what you have and is it worth the risk in taking it? Eventually the mob will over run even the best defended area by shear numbers.
I completely agree with sbasacco. Why invite trouble buy throwing out the welcoming mat? If you look weak you will be confronted and possibly before your neighbors get a piece of them first and whittle down their numbers for you. An enemy that has recently experienced some degree of demoralization will be much easier to turn away and send them packing with even less numbers than they came with and think long and hard before returning again. Thats not to say if they come back again they wont come back much better repaired, but chances are they will look for something else easier to commit to.

By the same token I would definitely go for the more stealthy approach. In that I wouldnt have obviously posted over watches or razor wire thrown out all over the place. I would make every effort to restrict their ability to move about and force them into lanes of fire making it difficult to gain any ground. There are many ways you can do this depending on the topography of the area and the amount of effort your willing to put into it. I would also want the ability to get a crew out under cover "beyond the wire" to give myself the ability to temporarily abandon my static position or mount a counter flanking manuver against them. This could allow you to escape safely under cover of darkness or it would allow you to take the fight to them and keep them from camping out and waiting you out. You cant sit there and play the war of attrition with them, you will slowly but surely loose the fight if you do.
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