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I plan to show weak security

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I writing from a point that I live on 11 acres in Mississippi and have animals so I have to becareful about setting traps. I do have a lot of security in place, but not out in the open forever one to see. I plan for the outsider to think I am weak and a easy target. I hope this with what I have planned will give me a advanage. With out giving amyone my plan no offense, you may can't because of that reason. Is this a good strategy.
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I think I get what the OP is saying. If it looks like you're ready for a fight, that means that you could have something worth protecting. By looking neutral, then hopefully people might think that you're struggling like the rest of them. Defense is hard, because if you show that you're willing to fight to the death, then they will bring their best. Or they could be dipshts and bring their best anyway. Just gotta play it by ear I guess.
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