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Well, Kauboy, I was raised on being "the best" not a guy who buys items over his head.

Yes, on a good day I can pretty much hit smallish bullseyes about 75% of the time. But to be fair, as a security guy for a family company my job was to monitor expensive equipment--even if that entailed getting a black eye.

I still have my little SIG Sauer P238 pistol. I think it's pretty sexy, with a black grip and a satin finished slide.

But consider this. I was raised around very sharp defensive knives for about 20 years. I really only studied firearms for about three years. Along with the SIG I have a very nice 3-inch 45. ACP Kimber pistol.

I construe this for my age. In the early sixties we had very sharp Italian knives, not many firearms. I cast my own bullets and load the .45 Kimber down on powder since I just plink for fun. I did salt away some factory round tip brass bullets, but I've never been in serious enough straits to need that artillery. I think I would still go for the blade.
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