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I Need Help with Christmas!

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I have the hardest in-laws to buy for. They're probably from another planet. They speak, and I no comprende. But so one of them just started prepping - got some food, looking for a gun and considering ways to heat her electric heated house.

The second is a complete yuppie (ya feel why I don't know what to do yet?) who wanted a few things in the car "just in case," where I presume the in case part means a breakdown, etc.

So, for #1 just getting started but serious about prepping, what's a good gear idea, in home or BOB, for $20-$40 or so?

For #2 who just wants to be a little prepared in the car and needs something not over the top full-blown prepper style, do you all have some ideas for around $20 ish?
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Get the government publications about water and food storage and Red Cross First Aid booklet. Place them in a pack and give that to them. Maybe a nice card that says that you are willing to help guide their storage solutions and other preparations for emergency use.

They don't have to read too much, it is all "government sanctioned" and allows them to feel secure while getting started.
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