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I Need an Invention for Solar Systems

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In California there have been probably 300,000 homes go solar in the last 4 years through lease and power purchase agreements (PPA). I worked for a short time for a company that issued PPA's. Its not bad for the consumer or the seller (obviously) but to get a building permit for solar in CA you MUST be tied into the grid. This means if the power goes down - you go down with it - despite your solar.

I need a fix. I need a cheap, easy to use, simple device, package, or whatever that those consumers can buy that will enable them to put their solar package to work for them in the case of SHTF and grid collapse. I swear we could sell a boat load of em if they could be cheap enough?

So how does one take a grid tied system and "flip" it into a power supply for the house completely off grid.

Please note - I can see why it goes down with the grid. If it peddled energy into the grid during an outage a repair man could easily get zapped and I don't want an invention that makes that happen. I just want something a consumer could go out, plug in, flip a swtich or do whatever it takes to make his / her solar panels work for them and be disconnected from the grid safely.
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