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I lost $20 today

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Losing a bet on shooting to your brother in law is as bad as it gets.
My brother in law has a $89 russian mosin WWII rifle and he shoots surplus ammo and at almost
100 yards he busted a can of beans,,Open sights with a good rest. Damn I hate to lose to him.
He gets his deer every year with this rifle usually a head shot. I should have known better than
to bet with a hillbilly *******. -Darn,,, I wish I could do that.
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Were you shooting his rifle too?
If not what were you shooting? Make, model and caliber?
No I wasn't shooting at all I was just watching him. But when I do shoot
I use a 7mm 08 ,, But I'm just not that good of a shot as he is.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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