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I lost $20 today

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Losing a bet on shooting to your brother in law is as bad as it gets.
My brother in law has a $89 russian mosin WWII rifle and he shoots surplus ammo and at almost
100 yards he busted a can of beans,,Open sights with a good rest. Damn I hate to lose to him.
He gets his deer every year with this rifle usually a head shot. I should have known better than
to bet with a hillbilly *******. -Darn,,, I wish I could do that.
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I think from what I've read you can expect almost 2 MOA with the Mosin, supposedly the most accurate rifle of it's time which compared to modern day rifles isn't saying much.

I don't care much for 100 year old rifles, I'm sorry they do well at point blank range but I like the option of reaching out and touching someone. If you aren't ready to take a shot at 400 yards it isn't a real sniper rifle.
And 400 yds is just the starting point any more.. I would start practicing if I were you.. Perfect practice makes perfect!!
Haha from a person living in the flatlands!

My maximum shot from my OP is 311 yards because of trees, nap of the earth, etc.

When you live in the prairie you can expect 400+ shots but they are tricky and over 500 is just for experts.

But if you can hit a pie plate at 600 yards, anything below that is gravy.
A couple years ago Guns Magazine had an article by Mike Venturino. He and one of the head guys at Hornady did a test of WWII sniper rifles, using original WWII optics and original WWII ammo.
The rifles were a Mosin Nagant 91/30, a Mauser K98k, an Enfield No4MkI, and a Model 1903A4 Springfield. These were shot at ranges of 100 yards to 1,000 yards.
The results suprised both of them, me, and probably most others who read the article.
While some rifles were better than others at various ranges, the best overall and the only one to even hit the 1,000 yard target (a 4X8 sheet of plywood painted white) was the Mosin Nagant!!
Remember - original rifles, original optics, original ammo. Using modern optics and handloaded ammo I would not bet against the man with a Mosin Nagant either.
I have heard this before, see my post above.

My only rebuttal is that Camp Perry still hosts the 1000 yard competition and you won't find a single Mosin there.

Yes in its time it was a kick assed weapon, with current ammo and current loads, the M1/M14 will outshoot it every day.

Oh and they needed to create a special class for the "old calibers", as the M16/AR15 platform will wipe the floor with all of them.

For anyone that had done long range shooting even at your peak it is a proverbial bitch.

At 52 I don't mess with anything over 600 yards in the field
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