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I lost $20 today

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Losing a bet on shooting to your brother in law is as bad as it gets.
My brother in law has a $89 russian mosin WWII rifle and he shoots surplus ammo and at almost
100 yards he busted a can of beans,,Open sights with a good rest. Damn I hate to lose to him.
He gets his deer every year with this rifle usually a head shot. I should have known better than
to bet with a hillbilly *******. -Darn,,, I wish I could do that.
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I sort of have a thing for Curio and Relic battle rifles as a hobby. Obviously not my first choice if I ever need to use a rifle in real life, but here in North Texas a Mosin would actually make a decent deer and pig rifle. It's often called the $100 30-06 for a reason.

I do have one relic that if I had to make a 400+ yard shot with I feel pretty comfortable with, and that's my Enfield. I wouldn't want to rely on old surplus ammo in that situation though. I'd hate like hell to have to drag that thing around for any great amount of time or distance though. Sumbiotch is heavy, lol. Gotta love a 10 rd bolt action rifle that shoots a cartridge that German soldiers protested was inhumane in not one, but two wars. The bolt design makes it one of the fastest cycling bolt actions ever as well.
I have heard this before, see my post above.

My only rebuttal is that Camp Perry still hosts the 1000 yard competition and you won't find a single Mosin there.

Yes in its time it was a kick assed weapon, with current ammo and current loads, the M1/M14 will outshoot it every day.

Oh and they needed to create a special class for the "old calibers", as the M16/AR15 platform will wipe the floor with all of them.
I shot a 1000 yd steel site event at Camp Pendleton once. While I did score hits with every shot, I was no where near the skill level of the other military shooters who happened to be full blown snipers. They thanked me for playing, but did congratulate me on doing as well as I did. I was shooting an HK 91 with a bull barrel and a little bit of massaging/tuning.

I'm much older, higher resting heart rate, and worse eye sight now. That's why they make optics, but a 1000 yd shot is probably not in my bag of trick anymore without a ton of practice and it ain't easy for me to find a 1000 yd range close enough to do that. I would strongly suggest not volunteering to hold the target from 600 yds in though.:D
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