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I lost $20 today

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Losing a bet on shooting to your brother in law is as bad as it gets.
My brother in law has a $89 russian mosin WWII rifle and he shoots surplus ammo and at almost
100 yards he busted a can of beans,,Open sights with a good rest. Damn I hate to lose to him.
He gets his deer every year with this rifle usually a head shot. I should have known better than
to bet with a hillbilly *******. -Darn,,, I wish I could do that.
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the nagant was classed as a marksman rifle instead of a combat/battle rifle by many.. I own one myself and the classic russian design is hard to beat.. even most modern bolt actions would have real competition against a nagant.. my tip is to never bett against a man with a nagant ;)
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If i want range then Id just use my 1898 Krag jørgensen rifle, it's the rifle that revolutionised weapons in the years leading to the first MG's. A good shot thats practiced with it a lott can hit human sized targets up to 600 meters.. the germans feared it when they invaded Norway and Denmark, every time they heard a shot from it they new that one of their soldiers had died. and to think that now its not even legal to shoot raindeers with them xD but still, the 30.06 version hasnt failed me yet. its a very complicated design and it jams about every 400 rounds tho so you need experience with them if your going to activly use them...
The finish Mosins had a very simple design, it was made to be mass produced, and they were made in such a way that even the finnish soldiers with nearly no training and little experience could become a crackshot with it. it is the rifle that currently holds the most sniper kills in the world. The man that gave it this place was Simo Hayha, aka the white death, killed over 1000 russians during the winter war and he passed away not to long ago.
The KJ rifle was also Norways gift to america, we gave you this rifle desgin and the recipe for smokeless powder. Its known as the rifle used by the rough riders in the states.
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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