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I bought an OLight R50 Pro Seeker about a month ago, and have been testing it out since then. I have been using it for hunting rats mainly, and man, is it good! The throw is great, and the spread this torch offers is just superb.

When I was searching for a torch to buy, I wanted something that wasn't massive, and had a rechargeable battery. The R50 Pro Seeker ticked these boxes. I also wanted a light that was more of an all round light, not a thrower, nor a flood light. This light I think is just in the middle. The main reason I went for the OLight over other brands is because I have an OLight H2R Nova headlamp, and I love it!

The R50 has a few different modes:

3200 Lumen Turbo Mode
1000/1500 Lumen High Mode
400 Lumen Medium Mode
60 Lumen Low Mode

When I am using the torch, the medium mode is usually plenty, it can light up quite a big area, and the battery life is 7.5 hours on 400 Lumens!!

This is not an EDC torch by the way, it is far too big to carry in your pocket, though could be used in an EDC bag, or pouch. I had it in my EDC pouch for a week, then removed it as I usually carry a torch in my pocket, so no need for 2.

So, here are a few pics of my new toy :)

Note: I am not affiliated with OLight, I paid for this torch with my hard earned cash!

Here is a video review I made up of the torch too :)

Tell me what you guys think.

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