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I see people hopping on here and with in three or four posts, they have something to sell. Then the community gets their panties in a bunch (guilty myself) and the whole thing goes down hill.

These people selling goods after just a hand-full of posts fall into one of two categories:
1. Honest folks with something positive to contribute and that something just happens to be for sale.
2. Hucksters, trolls, scammers, Nigerian Bankers, etc.

I looked at the rules and I didn't see a minimum post count before offering an item for sale. Other boards I participate in, require you to have 50+ posts before you can use the site for revenue generation. It would seem that is an unwritten social norm here too, but to the uninitiated, this concept may be foreign. It isn't fair of us to go on treating honest folks like Nigerian Bankers with out having set that expectation in writing.

I would ask that the administrators adopt a formal policy on the matter. Just like two groups of people (Honest and Hucksters), there are two directions.
A. People can post stuff for sale as their first post and the rest of the members can get over it - caveat emptor. If you can be positive then you can participate in the discussion. If you can't, then just move on. (This is the position I've adopted)
B. Post a minimum thread count in the rules and guidelines for the site so these people at least have the opportunity to know better. Those that make an honest mistake are likely to apologize for it and get in line, those that are hucksters, trolls, scammers, and Nigerian Bankers will likely move on.

This is just a thought. One mans late Sunday musings over a bottle of beer and nothing more. I think the Admins do a GREAT job and ultimately this is THEIR SITE so I'm happy either way.

Note: No Nigerian Bankers were harmed in the making of this post.
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