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How would you prepare?

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For me the most scary scenario is to wake up in the middle of the night, temperature in the 20s, and see that my house is on fire. No time to think about what do I grab, other than my wife. So how would you prepare for this emergency? WHat would you have ready to fight the outdoor cold? And what would be essential to have if your house burned so bad you could not get back in?
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i back up my computer to a sky cloud. take photos 1x a month and email them to my self. hotmail. call up to usaa 100 deductable its all covered. even my ammo hoard lol my policies are uploaded to sky drive. im pretty square. fire, though, id have to save my pussy cat. shes a mean assed cat, bites my kids, but shes mine. and id save my beretta fs92. thats my macaroni picture, something ill keep for ever.
im not sure i could live a day not being armed. and the weather only gets to be about 50-60 at the worst here.
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