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How would you prepare?

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For me the most scary scenario is to wake up in the middle of the night, temperature in the 20s, and see that my house is on fire. No time to think about what do I grab, other than my wife. So how would you prepare for this emergency? WHat would you have ready to fight the outdoor cold? And what would be essential to have if your house burned so bad you could not get back in?
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Have another location to flee to 400 feet away. Another thing is have taken are to prevent fires in the first place. Take out the arson and the true number of house fires in low. Winter has many threats but we also live it so we are ready for it.
We have many ways out. Just not to concerned . We weather 20 below with power out for 3 days before. Weapons would survive any fire they are protected an not all one one place.
We live in the country Fire, police and emergency service of any kind are not what others get . handling things like this are part of our everyday life. Escape ladders are common my Kids did drills with them when they were 4 years old in the old house. Everyone here can get out different ways blind folded. Yes they were test growing up. Burn it to the ground life will go on
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