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How to store tobacco?

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Hi everyone,
I know this is a place for food storage post but I have a question I'm hoping that someone can help me with.
I have the chance to purchase some smoking tobacco at a good price and I would like to put it in storage for
trading purposes later. But how do you store it? I have no clue on this one. Can I just stuff it in canning jars?
I don't want it to dry out,, I see tobacco in stores in cans and air tight pouches do they do anything special to
it before packaging it? Will it mold? Help?
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Depends on how long you want to store it, and how you want it to be when you use it.

You can dry it out completely and then store it in air tight (oxygen purged would be best) dry containers and it will keep for a VERY long time. It will also 'taste like crap' but will still have the nicotine and work for a fix. If I were storing tobacco for wampum this is how I would store it, but as stated in the previous sentence it will taste like crap - I would just count on people not caring about taste and only caring about 'the fix'.

You could also try and keep it temperature/humidity controlled like in a humidor. It will still slowly degrade but if stored properly can keep pretty well for a few years. What's the best temp/humidty? dunno just google how to make a humidor. This would be too much trouble IMHO.

The BEST way to store tobacco is in seed form. Grow a few plants each year, and collect those seeds too. It is very easy to grow and each plant will provide several pounds of good tobacco. On a small scale it wouldn't be hard to grow and cure your own.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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