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How to store tobacco?

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Hi everyone,
I know this is a place for food storage post but I have a question I'm hoping that someone can help me with.
I have the chance to purchase some smoking tobacco at a good price and I would like to put it in storage for
trading purposes later. But how do you store it? I have no clue on this one. Can I just stuff it in canning jars?
I don't want it to dry out,, I see tobacco in stores in cans and air tight pouches do they do anything special to
it before packaging it? Will it mold? Help?
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I would store it in a zip lock bag with a wet sponge and check it every 3 months and dehumidify it as needed, not sure how long the shelf life would be.
This is my third year of growing & processing my own tobacco. It needs to be dry to store or it will rot, even if its cured. After hanging till it browns, I shred it then run threw an old dehydrator then into ziplock freezer bags or vacsealed in mason jars. Easiest way I found to bring the humidity back up for rolling & smoking is a pan of water with a colander ontop & tobacco in the colander. Just reach your hand in it about once an hour & stir it around till you get the humidity in it you want.
Good info, thanks!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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