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How to store tobacco?

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Hi everyone,
I know this is a place for food storage post but I have a question I'm hoping that someone can help me with.
I have the chance to purchase some smoking tobacco at a good price and I would like to put it in storage for
trading purposes later. But how do you store it? I have no clue on this one. Can I just stuff it in canning jars?
I don't want it to dry out,, I see tobacco in stores in cans and air tight pouches do they do anything special to
it before packaging it? Will it mold? Help?
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I don't know what they do to it prior to packaging/sealing. I would assume that like storing cigars, humidity control, and temperature, are of the utmost importance. You don't want it too wet, nor too dry. Dryer is okay as you can typically "re-moisturize" by increasing the humidity level in a humidifier. Too wet can, as you indicated, cause mold. When I used to smoke cigars, I had some stored in a humidifier for years that were excellent smokers when finally lit up. I know that there has been a surge of roll your own stores popping up. Maybe talk to one of them. Though I doubt they have stuff on hand long enough to have to worry about freshness, they may know. Also, try a store that specializes in cigars/fine tobacco. Not the local "Tobacco/Head Shop", but a genuine store that specializes in high end stuff. Pick their brains.

If it were me, I would probably take the stuff out of the foil bags, or whatever it's stored in, put it in cloth bags so it can breathe and store it in a controlled humidifier. You're also talking about a lot of space. Then you have to get in the habit of rotating, mixing up, checking humidity etc. I don't know what it's shelf life is in the bag it's shipped in, but if nothing else, try google.
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