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No, I'm not saying to take the mother in law out shooting, just you and her. I know, "accidents" happen, but you'd have to live with your conscience.

I work on an airfield, with noisy things, some of which fly when properly maintained, and some of whom should cease their mindless prattling and turn wrenches so the other noisy things can fly more often. Both things give me headaches, from time to time.

There's a willow tree at the edge of the woods. Whenever I get one of those headaches, I cut off a fresh twig so that I can peal off and chew the new bark. The headache goes away.

I hear the birch tree is the same way.

You might run out of aspirin, so keep an eye out for that pain-relieving tree. If for no other reason but for the safety of the mother in law.
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