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How nice would it be if we could hunt with suppressors in the US?

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Obviously graphic in nature, it's a hunting video. I find the whole thing interesting and educational in general. But an EXCELLENT example of how nice suppressed weapons are for hunting.

And WOW! Something not 100% biased against hunting & guns in general is allowed on the news in other countries?!?!?! :shock:

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A lot of people think they are 'Hollywood quiet". They are suppressors NOT silencers.. As long as they are supersonic rounds there will always be a sonic boom. They are more quiet with a suppressor but not silent. If you use subsonic rounds, they can be very quiet though. I have a few that when I use certain calibers and weapons, all you hear is the action moving..
Isnt that the definition of "hollywood quiet"?
In the SHTF world a silenced .22 automatic rifle or pistol would wreck in my opinion. People say there is no stopping power there, but if I hit you with a full clip of .22 you are dead. Even if I hit you with one shot at center mast and split you would die (hell anything but a grazing, and even then back in the day small cuts would get you killed). With no real medical faculties/personnel if the internal bleeding didn’t get you today, the infection would get you tomorrow.
1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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