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I've read that the acid in brown sugar "neutralizes" the aftertaste of baking soda, because of the molasses.
About how much brown sugar do you need? What's the ratio?

I've got some cookies that have the texture about how I want them with 1/4 tsp baking soda, but I only had 2 tbs of brown sugar, and I'm quite certain that the bad aftertaste was from the baking soda.

Also, since increasing the ratio of brown sugar to white would change the cookie, what else could I put in, and how much. read more.......
Never made cookies with that much lack of sugar. cant say. It takes an acid to trigger baking soda to rise. Usually buttermilk or sour milk. My Mama always put about a Tablespoon of white sugar in cornbread to counteract the bitterness of the baking powder..but not enough to make it sweet like yankee cornbread. If you want dietetic cookies try food grade glycerine. It 2/3rds as sweet as table surgar..wtih the consistency of warm honey and increases blood glucose levels not at all. Never tried baking with it but it might work by cracky. Its good to use in place of honey..just use a big more.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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