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I have a dual-fuel generator at home. My gasoline I preserve with PRI-G, and rotate every couple of years. But my propane tanks are my go-to in an emergency.
They produce less power than gas, but propane is idiot proof. I feel a lot safer storing propane in our garage (gasoline stays out in the shed).

Gasoline for vehicles. Propane for power and cooking.
I went with the dual generator as well for the same reason. I was willing to trade a bit of power for the easy and clean propane. The loss of power does not effect my ability to run the whole house, less the AC units of course. I have a couple of portables that the generator can handle. I always have gas in storage as well that I rotate out to the vehicles every year or so. After the hurricane I decided to up my storage of both Gas and Propane even tho I didn't need the generator. Just to be sure I am covered.
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