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Learning about "prepping" via Doomsday preppers can be a scary thing. Starting off with little to no knowledge, trying to think of what you will really need, and hoping you dont forget anything.. well.. its overwhelming to say the least. To the point my husband (I can see it coming), is going to say its obsessive.

Having found prepperlog, has actually calmed me down a bit in the sense that you guys are friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, and instead of feeling overwhelmed and alone, I can actually talk to someone, and get into discussions. Not the same as just watching the DP show.

I love this forum... there are things I have no clue about, so you wont see me post there, but that doesnt mean I wont read quietly. If I have a question, I have NO doubt that if I ask, it will be answered. :D

Thank you guys.. Keeping my family safe , fed and healthy is important to me... being able to access the collective knowledge of others in order to do this when SHTF, well.. to me its priceless.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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