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How good are they...?

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Just got back from Academy Outdoors and stumbled on what appears to be a good deal on AR-15 magazines. They are "Red Jacket" brand of magazines. They appear to be no frills milspec aluminum bodies, with green followers and hold 30 rounds. While they aint P-Mags, they are only 9.99 each on clearance sale and previously marked 17.99 each IIRC!!!

Are these decent enough quality wise I should go get some while the getting is good?
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I got some from Palmetto delivered just yesterday at $82.50 for 10 including shipping costs ($2.60). $9.99 might be a deal in California but in free states I don't think its all that great?
I found 10 C Products SS 30 rounders delivered for $59.90 sitting on my porch yesterday.

Free Shipping over $50 at PSA
Magpul said they were moving. Still there.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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